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Play Court Piece Game Online

Play Court Piece Game Online

Players: 2×2
Genres: Card Game
Playing time: 5-15 mins
Court piece card game is engaging and fun and can be played with family and friends. It is a four-player game where players are grouped into two pairs.
Each player scores by getting as many court pieces as possible in a set time. The team with the most tricks wins the game. That said, you can use different strategies to secure an easy win in the Court Piece Game.
  • The players are divided into teams of two.

  • Next, the duration of the game needs to be set.

  • Then a dealer is chosen.

  • The players on the dealer's right side cut the deck.

  • Each player is given a total of thirteen cards in hand.

  • Every player has to deal with a hand of five cards in the anti-clock orientation.

  • The person who makes the cut gets an advantage and can call the trump suit before others.

  • And all the players are expected to follow the trump suit if possible.


Game Rules of Court Piece


The dealer is from the team that has lost the previous match.


The cards are dealt in the game in sets of 5-4-2-2 or 5-3-3-2.


The dealer is from the team that has lost the previous match.


The cards are dealt in the game in sets of 5-4-2-2 or 5-3-3-2.


The first player to get five cards in their hand calls the trump suit or rang.


The trump caller leads the first trick.


The one with the highest trump or the highest card suit led wins the trick.


The team that wins the first seven court piece tricks wins the hand.


the role of the trump caller passes to the next player if they do not win the hand.


Players cannot talk to each other.

Court Piece Game Tips and Tricks


Never Cheat

The opposite team will win the court piece card game if you cheat.

Collect Tricks at the Start

We should try and win tricks using cards marked eight or below in the starting rounds of the game.

Lose A Few Tricks

To make our opponents reveal their high-value cards in the beginning, losing the initial few tricks is advisable.

Win Consecutive Tricks

If we score seven consecutive wins and continue the game to complete 13 tricks, eventually, we will win the game.

Save High-value Cards for Last

While playing the court piece game online, we should save high-value cards and the trump suit for the end unless the opponents are on a winning streak.

Interesting Facts about Court Piece Game

The game appears to originate in Iran, India and Pakistan

Multiple Names

The game is said to have originated in India and is known today by different names. For instance, in Pakistan, it is called Rang, sometimes spelled Coat Peace, Kot Pees, Chokri, Chakri or Rung.


Close Cousins

Court piece games are similar to different games played around the world, such as Satat, Trup Kasiet, and Dehla.


Global Spread

Indians took the court piece game to Suriname and Guyana and then to the Netherlands.


Seven Hands

Since the game ends after a team wins seven tricks, it is often called seven hands or T'rup Chaal.


Commonly Used Terms

The following are terms commonly used in the court piece game:

  1. Trump: Trump is the highest-ranking suit decided by the winning team.
  2. Cut the Deck: Picking a random number of cards from a deck and then placing them at the deck's bottom is called cutting the deck.
  3. Trump Caller: The player who declares the trump suit is called the trump caller.

Steps to win cash at court piece game

We get a chance to win real cash on WinZO by following the below steps:

  1. Creating our own WinZO account.
  2. Winning the court piece game on WinZO daily.
  3. Participating in games after depositing the necessary entry fees.
  4. If we win, the cash gets credited instantly to our WinZO account.
  5. We have to encash the winnings before transferring them to the bank account.

Frequently Asked Questions About Court Piece

Four players play this game in teams of two.

To win the court piece game, we must introduce a high-ranking card, or our teams should score the maximum tricks.

Yes, the game is safe to play. Customer safety and security are of utmost importance to WinZO. The platform is fully compliant with all the rules and regulations.

The card with the highest value is called the ace card.

Yes, you can earn money in a court piece game by participating in paid games where you win real cash upon winning.

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