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Snakes and Ladders Game Online

Snakes and Ladders Game Online

Players: 2-4
Genres: Board Game
Playing time: 5 mins
Snakes and ladders is one of the most popular games globally. With the mobile game, you can play with people from across the globe, even someone you don't know. In the original board game, you had a dice and a numbered board with the snakes and ladders placed on it.
The goal is to keep stay away from the snakes and climb the ladders to the top. This is a great game if you want to spend a laid-back afternoon or connect with people over board games. Snakes and Arrows and Chutes and Ladders are popular versions of this game.
You can now play snakes and ladders online, where you need to follow the specific rules designed for the mobile app. Let's examine the game's rules, tips, and tricks to help you win.
  • The first thing you should know about playing snakes and ladders online is that you can play against the computer. You can choose to play a two-player or multi-player game.

  • There are 100 squares; each is either a trap or a success. You can either go down through the snake or climb the ladder.

  • You will have a die that you can use to move your pawn. Once you get a six on the dice, you can begin playing the game.

  • When you hit the snake, you go back into the game. However, the ladders help you move up.

  • You may return to the first square if the snake takes you there. There are different versions of the board.


Rules to Play Snake and Ladder Game


You need to get a six on the dice to begin the game. Unless you get the six, you will stay away from the start. You can put your token on the number one square by getting the six.


You get an extra turn for every six you get on the dice. So, while playing the game, you get three turns in that round if you hit two sixes consecutively.


You need to get a six on the dice to begin the game. Unless you get the six, you will stay away from the start. You can put your token on the number one square by getting the six.


You get an extra turn for every six you get on the dice. So, while playing the game, you get three turns in that round if you hit two sixes consecutively.


Moving your pawn when it is not your turn is impossible. You can move the exact number of squares that occurs on the dice. You will need to wait for your turn to roll the dice or make a move.


When you reach a snake's mouth, it will tell you where to go back. You will need to come down to the square where the particular snake's tail is.


You do not win the game till you reach the last square. If you are square number 99, you cannot win till you roll one of the dice and reach square number 100.


It doesn't mean anything to the game, whether at the top or middle of the ladder. You have to be at the bottom of the ladder to be able to complete the climb.

Tips and Tricks to Play Snakes and Ladders Online


Capturing the Opponent's Token

When you land on the opponent's square, you can capture their token. This means they will have to restart the game again.

Keep an Eye on Tokens

You should ensure that your eyes are on all tokens. You can, along the way, move away from the opponent's token so that you don't get captured. It is very important to keep the tokens far away from the opponent's token unless you have the chance to capture it.

Decide the Strategy

It is important to know the strategy while beginning the game. Do you want to go all out with the tokens? You may want to play the game safe. If your idea is to play safe, you should keep your tokens away from the opponents.

Look for Climbing Opportunities

When you get the ladder, it makes your life easy on the game board. Look for ladder bottoms. You should reach the snake's middle or ladder to safeguard the tokens. You need to always look for ways to reach the top.

Interesting Facts About Snakes and Ladders Online

Here are some of the unknown facts about online games. It will help you know the background of this game better.

Ancient Hindu Game

It hints at the spiritual journey you undergo in life. This game is derived from the ancient game Moksha Patamu, which was introduced in the 100s BC. This game is an example of how life and death occur.


Spiritual Game

It is all about what happens when you have more vices than good in your life. This is what the game depicts majorly. It is associated with Karma and Moksha (part of ancient Jain philosophy).


Probability and Luck

While this game is based on luck, it helps understand probability better. You know the likelihood that you will get to the snake's head. Similarly, it will show you your chances of winning the game.


Multiple Versions

In the US, the game is known as chutes and ladders. The version introduced in England during the 1800s was similar to the one in India. However, the game's theme was changed from spiritual and religious to educational.


How to Download Snakes and Ladder

Download WinZO Snakes and Ladder for Android & iPhone in very easy steps. All you have to do is to visit the Snakes and Ladder download page by clicking on the given link - from your mobile phone and follow proper instructions.

Frequently Asked Questions about Snakes and Ladders

An old Indian game, Snakes and Ladders, is played with a board and dice. You go fast up the ladder as you climb it. On the other hand, going down a snake makes you move backwards.

Start by opening the game on the WinZO app. You need to choose the number of players for the game. Start by rolling the die; if it hits a six, you can begin. Whoever gets the six first will start the game. You cannot move your tokens till you get the six.

The WinZO app is built using multiple security layers. As a result, you can stay assured about the application's safety, security, and quality.

If you want to play the snakes and ladders game online, download the WinZO game app from the Play Store.

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