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Best Card Games

We often spend time indulging in popular games such as ludo, carrom, fantasy cricket, and pool. These games require quick thinking and strategic plans. But what if you could be paid for your skills? And what if we told you that such a mobile app exists - an app that has already paid out over Rs. 200 crore in winnings?

The WinZO app offers a plethora of games to test your skills, make friends, and earn money. If you want to play card games online or check out other new games such as Metro Surfer, Fruit Samurai, and Archery, then this is your go-to app. In this article, we take a look at the top 5 card games that can be played on the WinZO app.

Top Card Games

Listed below are the best card games on Android that are popular in the gaming community.

1. Callbreak

Callbreak also goes by the name of 'Callbridge', and is extremely popular in countries such as India and Nepal. Callbreak is similar to rummy in that it has slight variations based on the region in which it is played. The game is played between 4-6 players using a regular 52-card deck. It lasts for 5 exciting rounds, allowing users to constantly change their strategies to emerge as winners. 13 cards are distributed in clockwise order to each player. The cards are numbered from the lowest score (ace) to the highest (king). Once the cards have been dealt, the player to the right of the dealer needs to make the first 'call'. In a call, each player needs to call out a number between 2 and 8 and then proceed to attempt to win the number of tricks corresponding to the number shared at the beginning of the round.

Players need to throw a card that is the same colour as the one dealt by the first player. Additionally, they must try to throw a card that is higher than the winning card at the moment. Final scores are evaluated when the cards belonging to each player's hands are finished. A score is calculated based on the calls made.

Callbreak is a strategic game that requires careful thinking. Calculated risks have a great payoff. While this is strictly considered to be an adult card game, simpler variants of the game, such as Spades.

2. Rummy

Rummy is indeed the most popular Indian card game. Thanks to WinZO, we can now indulge in the online version of this game. In rummy, players need to use their hands to form a combination of three or more cards that have the same numbers or sequence. Putting together a particular combination or sequence is easier said than done. Players need to analyze their cards quickly. They should be able to discard any unwanted cards, especially if they have received an average hand.

To win, competitors need to complete two sequences, of which at least one must be a 'pure' sequence. Simply put, a pure sequence consists of three or more cards from the same suit, e.g. 7,8, and 9 of spades. Discarding high-value cards for jokers and wildcards is often done to minimize point losses.

Contrary to popular belief, Rummy is a skill-based game and rarely relies on luck. The game creates anticipation and excitement within innumerable card combinations when every card is placed in the discard deck.

3. Solitaire

Solitaire is slightly different from other card games as it is a single-player game. This means that solo players without any friend circle can invest their skills in this game. In this list, this is the most suitable card game for kids due to its greater reliance on skill than luck. In the playing area, there are 7 card piles, which are known as the 'tableau'. The first pile contains one card, the second card contains two, and so on.

The piles need to be built in ascending order - one per suit - beginning with the lowest-value card (ace) and ending with the highest-value card (king). The four slots where these suits of cards are built are known as the foundations. The objective is to play the cards into these foundations. The cards remaining after building the tableau are the 'stock' cards, whereas the 'waste' section displays 3 cards from the stock face up during the game.

4. FreeCell

If you are looking for a card game to play that resembles Solitaire, then FreeCell is the perfect choice for you. Unlike the latter, FreeCell has eight columns on the tableau instead of seven. While the number of foundation columns is the same (four), there are four free cells or empty spaces where the cards can be moved. The goal of the game is to build all the cards face up on the foundation decks. Similar to Solitaire, the cards need to be built sequentially, starting with the lowest-value card.

As per the rules, only the 'ace' card can be moved to an empty slot in the 'foundations', while only the next cards of higher value can be added to this section, provided they belong to the same suit. Personally, we find FreeCell more challenging than Solitaire due to limitations on the cards' movements. We suggest practising Solitaire first and then experimenting with FreeCell.

5. 29 Card Games

The 29 playing card game, also referred to as the 29 card game, is one of the most well-known trick-taking card games. The Jass card games from Europe, which have their roots in the Netherlands, are supposed to be related to the card game 29. It is said that Indian South Africans who were influenced by the Afrikaaner Klaverjas game brought these games to India.

Most of the time, 29 is played by four players facing each other in predefined pairs. 32 cards from a standard 52-card pack are used to play the card game 29. Hearts, diamonds, clubs, and spades are the four traditional 'French' suits, and each has eight cards. J-9-A-10-K-Q-8-7 J-9-A-10-K-Q-8-7 J-9-A-10-K-Q-8-7 J-9-A-10. The goal of the 29-card online game is to acquire valuable card tricks.

Frequently Asked Questions about Card Games

Beginners can join freeroll tables where they can play with practice chips without investing any real money on the WinZO app.

It is not necessary to download the game on your smart devices to play. You can log on to your WinZO account easily and enjoy several card games without any hassles.

Card games are popular since they are easy to learn and can be played anytime with family and friends.

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