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Top 5 Strategy Games in 2023

Some people prefer to play games that are challenging or tricky. It stimulates their brain cells and makes them think and act better. These games are usually described as strategy games, as one needs to make strategies to win these games. The best strategy games are either board games or card games. Card games like rummy, poker, Teen Patti, etc., are some popular strategy games in the market. Chess is one of the all-time favourite games for people who prefer playing difficult games.

5 Best Strategy Games to Play in 2023

These are the best strategy games that one can play in 2023:

1. 2048 Balls

2048 Balls is one of the easiest strategy games. A container is given where the players place all the balls on one another. Each ball has a specific number labelled on it. The trick is to avoid placing the same balls over one another. If the balls match, they burst and reduce the player's score. Also, the players must ensure that the balls fall in the centre of the container. If the balls fall in the sides, the overall score is reduced. Therefore, playing this strategy game is quite easy compared to other online strategy games.

2. Sheep Battle

Sheep Battle is an interesting strategy game in which a player has to move their sheep to the destination while blocking the sheep of their opponent. When the game starts, the players get multiple rows to move their sheep. The idea is to move the most number of sheep by tapping on the rows continuously.

By tapping fast on the screen, one can move more sheep. Also, more points can be earned by running the sheep in their opponent's row. When a bigger sheep reaches its destination, the player earns more points. All these moves and challenges make Sheep Battle one of the best strategy games on Android.

3. Bricky Blitz

In Bricky Blitz, the players need to use bricks of different shapes and colours to earn points. If players learn the tricks of this strategy game on Android phones, they can win more and make money easily. Players need to clear more than one row or column to earn points simultaneously. When multiple rows and columns are cleared, it is referred to as a combo, and the player receives a combo bonus.

Another way of earning points is by getting a streak bonus. For that, players must clear rows and columns consecutively. It means that the rows and columns should be cleared one after the another to get a streak bonus. The rows and columns don't have to be of the same colours to get a combo or streak bonus. Also, the trick is to clear the rows and columns quickly to earn more points.

4. Chess

Chess might seem straightforward, but winning against a tough opponent is challenging unless one has enough strategies up their sleeve. It is a 2-player strategy game won by the player who traps the king of the opponent through ‘check and mate’ moves. To play chess, one needs to understand the basic rules of the game. Every pawn can move two forward steps at the start. After that, they can move only one step at a time. While they move forward, they can kill other pawns and other pieces of the opponent by moving diagonally.

The knights move in an ‘L’ shape, i.e., one step forward and two steps on either right or left side or two steps forward and one step on either the right or left side. They kill the opponent's pieces by eliminating the ones placed in the last box of their move. The bishop can kill and move diagonally without any restriction. The rooks move and kill pieces that come in their straight path. A knight can move and kill in any direction. The king can take only one step at a time but can move in any direction.

5. Pool

Pool has always been among the best strategy games. The entertaining pool game is easy to play. One can invite their friends to play this game online. The good thing about online strategy games like Pool is that one need not be an expert in real-life pool games to win.

There are two types of balls in the pool game: solids and stripes. Players need to focus on driving the balls inside the holes. Once a player pots a solid, they should continue targeting the solids until they are potted inside. The player who manages to pot all the solids or stripes and pot the final black ball inside wins the game.

These were the best strategy games in 2023. Download the WinZO app and enjoy seamless experience with each one of them!

Frequently Asked Questions about Strategy Games

Beginners can join freeroll tables where they can play with practice chips without investing any real money on the WinZO app.

It is not necessary to download the game on any of your smart devices to play the game. All you need to do is to download the WinZO game and enjoy all the strategy games without any hassles.

Strategy games are popular since they are easy to learn and involves a lot of planning. These games can be played anytime with family and friends.

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