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Carrom Trick

Carrom is a fun game to play and hence, the rules are fairly simple. Online Carrom trick shots could well be a possible way to trick your opponents and emerge as a champion. Carrom board tricks are extremely diverse but once you get down to playing the game, you will be enjoying the game. We have you covered, and we have carrom tips and tricks to always keep you ahead of the curve.

5 Carrom Board Tricks to Develop a Winning Habit

1. Back Shot

When the coins are placed near the pocket of your side, as per carrom board game tricks, you cannot hit the striker directly at the back.

2. Double Shot

A double shot is one of the most common shots played in a carrom board game. One of those shots is a double shot, which is played when the piece is in the center or close to it. The striker smacks the coin and it collides in the opposite direction and rebounds and is pocketed at your side.

3. Cut Shot

This shot is played when all the coins are stacked near the center of the board. Now, if the striker is on the left side, you will be able to drag and release your striker towards the right side - the coin will end up in the right pocket.

4. Board Shot

Another tricky short and it can be played by any player that has had a lot of practice. Laws of physics are applied here and the as the striker will need to hit all the sides of the board so that it rebounds and hits the coin at your side.

5. Middle Shot

Another tricky carrom shot, but then, this can be played when the game starts when all the pieces are arranged in the center. The aim is to hit two coins that are placed adjacent to one another, hence when they collide, they spread in opposite directions. With this shot, you will be able to pocket two pieces with one stroke and get a superb start.

Frequently Asked Questions About Tricks in Carrom Board

There are several tricks in carrom board that can be picked up as has been mentioned here. However, a player needs to start playing and experiencing them to be an expert and learn all these tricks.

    For beginners, here are the best tricks to ace the game:

    • Back shot trick
    • Double shot trick
    • Cut shot trick
    • Board shot trick
    • Middle shot trick

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