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Play Fantasy Cricket on WinZO

Play Fantasy Cricket on WinZO

Genres: Fantasy
Fantasy Cricket is a virtual version of your favorite sport and you can form a virtual cricket team of 11 players from an upcoming or ongoing real-life match. Playing Fantasy Cricket League is an easy-to-play activity where you can create your own squad. Your aim must be to score maximum points and secure a position on the leadership board by virtually defeating your opponents over the online fantasy cricket hosted by Winzo. You receive 100 credit points, and all the players in the team will receive a different number of credits depending on the match.
The points will be based on the success of your chosen players in real-life games. The more points you gain, the more money you earn. Fantasy Cricket gives you a chance to win real cash prizes, Paytm cash, and other similar prizes depending on the contest you are participating in.So, create your own fantasy cricket team by picking up the best 11 players from the two teams playing a match on a respective day. You also need to choose a captain and a vice-captain from the selected group and lock your team. Points are achieved by counting on how the chosen players are performing in the real match.
There would be varied points for runs, wickets, catches, and other parameters. The online fantasy cricket league has set unbelievable trends in previous years and Winzo has emerged to be a popular fantasy cricket app in India. If you wish to win real cash money with this IPL 2022 then get ready to create your team and indulge in a never-ending fantasy cricket experience with your gang!
  • Log in to your Winzo account on the app.

  • Select the match that you would like to play.

  • Create your own team of 11 members by using your 100 credit points. Kindly note that the credit cost of each player might vary and you can only choose 7 players from a team.

  • Choose your captain and vice-captain. The captain fetches 2x extra points whereas the vice-captain fetches 1.5x extra earnings.

  • Choose the contest in which you would like to participate. Check the price slab while selecting your preferred contest.

  • Keep tracking your score as the game starts. You can see your position in the championship on the leaderboard.

  • Within 2 hours of the completion of the match, the amount will be credited to your Winzo account, which can be later withdrawn as per your convenience.


Fantasy Cricket Rules


Choose a captain from your playing 5, and his score will be doubled at the end of the game.


You can make as many changes to your team as you want before the match's deadline.


Choose a captain from your playing 5, and his score will be doubled at the end of the game.


You can make as many changes to your team as you want before the match's deadline.


The team selection always closes at the planned start time of the match.


Your players will be given points based on their performance during the tournament.

Fantasy Cricket Tips and Tricks


Examine the Player's Performance

The first thing to look at is whether or not a player has been in good form in recent games. You should not select a player just on the basis of his recent performance. Because your pay will be based on your performance in a one-off encounter, recent results and form are more important than a player's career record. If you're picking a team for a league, though, go for class players because they'll likely do better in the long run.

Examine the weather and the pitch report

Most fantasy cricket players don't pay attention to the weather and pitch report, and as a result, they don't pick the best fantasy XI. If the surface is slow and dry, and the game is in the afternoon, you should select more spinners than swing bowlers. Power hitters and swing bowlers should also find a place in your team if the pitch is similar to the one in Wankhede. It's all about taking a horses for courses mentality.

Selecting Top-Order Batsmen

In a limited-overs game, the top-order batsmen are frequently the ones who get the most balls. They are the ones who will award you the most points here. As a result, select the in-form top-order batters to improve your ranking chances. You may use Indian fantasy league tips, Indian fantasy league 2020 regulations, and fantasy cricket tips and tactics to build a strong fantasy cricket team.

Selecting an Effective Captain and Vice-Captain

The captain and vice-captain of your fantasy squad are one of the most crucial things that will set you apart from your opponents. The captain that is chosen receives 2x points, while the vice-captain receives 1.5x points. Choosing an in-form all-rounder as your captain could be the finest plan.

Selecting the Right Combination

On the WinZO App, you may choose 11 players for your fantasy squad from a pool of wicket-keepers (1-4), batsmen (3-6), bowlers (3-6), and all-rounders (3-6). (1-4). To enhance your chances of winning, choose the finest possible combination.

Making Last-Minute Changes and Tossing

You only have a brief window to make any last-minute alterations based on the toss, so staying attentive to monitor the toss outcome is critical. As soon as the teams disclose their final XI, you may make any necessary adjustments and drop any players you may have chosen but are not in the playing XI.

Interesting Facts about Fantasy

Fact 1

William Gilbert (W.G.) Grace is regarded as the father of cricket. He was an amateur cricket player in England.


Fact 2

Only 12 countries have qualified for Test status, despite the fact that there are 31 countries who play cricket internationally.


Fact 3

The cricket ball is 163 grams in weight. It has a cork core that is covered in multiple layers of yarn.


Fact 4

India won its first world cup in 1983 under the leadership of Kapil Dev


How to Download Fantasy Cricket App?

Aren’t you eager to earn cash with Winzo Fantasy Cricket League 2022? Here are a few quick steps to download the Fantasy Cricket App and win cash rewards

For Android:

  1. Visit on your mobile to download it on your smartphone or tablet.
  2. Tap on the Download Winzo app icon and install the app.
  3. Register yourself and use your Facebook or Gmail account for login.
  4. Complete the installation and registration process and click on the Fantasy Cricket icon.
  5. Proceed further by creating your team.

For iOS:

  1. The WinZO App can be downloaded on the Apple app store for free. Just open the App Store and type Winzo in the search bar.
  2. Once you download the app on your iPhone, complete the registration process by entering your mobile number.
  3. You will receive an OTP via SMS on your registered mobile number.
  4. Enter the 6-digit OTP and you will be navigated to the home page of the Winzo app.
  5. Choose the fantasy cricket option available on the home screen.
  6. Proceed further by creating your team.

How to Create your Fantasy Cricket Team?

If you wish to play fantasy cricket then you need to create your own fantasy cricket team. Here are some important points to be kept in mind while choosing your team. You will be provided with 100 credit points to build your team. Each player is earned a set of credit scores which varies from player to player, depending upon their current form in the game. You are required to create a team within the acquired credit points. Kindly note that you can pick a maximum of 7 players from a team and your exclusive team must have the following players:

Wicket Keepers (1 to 4)

Batsmen (3 to 6)

All-rounders (1 to 4)

Bowlers (3 to 6)

After choosing your 11 players, assign a captain and vice-captain. Be careful while choosing them as the captain fetches 2x the points, whereas the latter gives 1.5x of the same. Once you are done with your choices, save the team and proceed further. Make sure that you choose the players who are expected to give maximum points on the field.

How to Earn Money in Fantasy Cricket?

You can create your own fantasy cricket team by choosing the best players in a real-life match. Make sure that you research well before creating the team if you wish to earn money.

Benefits of Playing Fantasy Cricket

The following are the benefits of playing Fantasy Cricket League 2022:

  1. You get a chance to win real cash awards.
  2. You can earn with your knowledge about cricket.
  3. You can choose your favorite players while creating your team.
  4. You get a chance to create your own fantasy cricket team.
  5. You get a reason to remain hooked to the live game.
  6. You can show off your cricket knowledge to others by creating a winning team.
  7. There is no limit to the cash withdrawals and you can play freely as Winzo is the safest platform to play fantasy cricket.

How to Win Fantasy Cricket?

You can win fantasy cricket by participating in Fantasy Premier League 2022 hosted by Winzo. You can download the app now to win fantasy cricket.

Frequently Asked Questions About Fantasy Cricket

Fantasy Cricket is an online fantasy game that gives you a chance to create your virtual cricket team by choosing 11 players from both teams participating in the real-life match. It is quite simple to play. The objective of the game is to score maximum points and secure a position on the leadership board by beating your opponents.

Yes, WinZO’s platform and its offerings are safe and secure for its users. There are multiple fraud detection tools available which enables WinZO to ensure the safety and security of its users.

Every cricket/football team you build on WinZO must have 11 players. A maximum of 7 players can be added from the same team. Every user is provided with 100 credits and needs to create a team within this budget.

No, WinZO Fantasy is open to residents of India.

Yes, there are multiple Court rulings that state that fantasy sports is legal in India. That said, there are some states that do not allow online games, including fantasy sports for money, therefore playing such games in those specific states is not allowed.

You can create your own fantasy cricket team by choosing the best players in a real-life match. Make sure that you research well before creating the team if you wish to earn money.

You can win fantasy cricket by participating in Fantasy Premium League 2022 hosted by Winzo. You can download the app now to win fantasy cricket.

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